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Zincox is a latest combination prepared by experts to treat parasitic conditions in animals. Zincox contains a proprietary blend of various drugs that act together to kill harmful cells in all stages of growth i.e. sporozoites, trophozoites and early schizonts.

  • Maduramycin 1%
  • Salinomycin 3%
  • Zinc Drug 0.1%
  • To prevent all types of Coccidiosis
  • No individual or cross resistance
  • Fast and prolonged action
  • Highest safety
  • No problems of wet litter and heat stress
Dosage Information
  • 150-250 gm per ton of feed
  • Broilers : Day 1 till marketing
  • Replacement Pullets : Regularly up to 16th week
Packing Available
  • 1 kg