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Veterinary Drugs

We offer a wide range of Veterinary Drugs, which is manufactured to provide effective treatment for poultry, pet and other animals. Our Veterinary Drugs are delivered after being properly tested and verified by experts. We exclusively Supply and Export these Veterinary Drugs in SAARC countries. Our Veterinary Drugs are well known for their high quality and effectiveness.


  • Premium quality
  • Specifically made to provide effective solution
  • Ready for instant cure and relief
  • Made after advanced medical research
  • Reliable to use
  • Reasonable cost
  • International standard
  • Properly tested product
  • Timely delivery
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Mycosal WS & FS
Our Mycosal WS & FS is a popular veterinary drug which is mainly used for poultry layer. We offer the drug at an affordable market price. Our Mycosal WS & FS veterinary drug is supplied to all SAARC countries to fulfill the requirement of clients.

Mycosal Injection / Liquid
We have Mycosal Injection / Liquid, a veterinary drug which is specifically made to provide immediate control of CCRD and its effective treatment. We manufacture reliable and high quality Mycosal Injection / Liquid for the specific needs of clients.

We offer Goldiprim which is available at a reasonable market price. We deliver the product in SAARC countries to cater the needs of our clients. Our Goldiprim is extremely useful in different poultry and pets as a veterinary drug.

We Manufacture Ciproc, which is well known for its high quality and effectiveness. The company offers Ciproc at an affordable market price for clients. We supply Ciproc, a Broad Spectrum Antibacterial to the SAARC countries to fulfill the requirement of our customers.

The company manufactures high quality Ciproctin which is made available at a competitive market price. We offer Ciproctin, a Broad Spectrum Antibacterial to meet specific requirements. The drug is effective and properly tested to give instant relief.

Ciproctin Bolus
Ciproctin Bolus is an effective drug manufactured by us to provide instant relief for different diseases afflicting domestic and other large animals. We offer Ciproctin Bolus at a reasonable market price. A reliable drug, Ciproctin Bolus is supplied by us in high quality packaging material for clients.

We offer Enparnil which is extremely useful for large animals for specific requirements. We offer this drug at a reasonable market price. We Supply the product exclusively in SAARC countries.

Our Wormizole drug is available at an affordable market price. We manufacture Wormizole for treating as well as controlling a variety of helminthes infestations and test it to provide only quality drug to customers. Wormizole that we provide has an ovicidal effect and is supplied in high quality packaging material.

Our Rafsole is ready to provide instant relief and effective solution for animals suffering from worm and fluke infestations. We offer Rafsole at an affordable market price and supply it in packaging material of high quality.

Mycosal Tablet / Injection
For pet animals we have Mycosal Tablet / Injection which is specifically made to combat a variety of diseases. The effectiveness of the Mycosal Tablet / Injection together with its affordability has made it the preferable choice of veterinarians all over the world.

We are the prominent Manufacturer of Goldox, which we Supply at a competitive market price. We supply Goldox in SAARC countries to provide a hassle free solution for the pet animals. Goldox provided by us is known to be a reliable and properly tested drug, which is highly effective.