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Developed after much research in animal diseases, Mycosal has a special combination of preferred drugs that work together for effective treatment. While the Enrofloxacin and Pefloxacin in Mycosal Enrofloxacin and Pefloxacin act inside the cell, the Zinc acts outside the cell to block the total Gyrase Enzyme. Mycosal has an innovative formulation having the benefit of least resistance together with good pharmacokinetics. Moreover, there is no problem completion of the component drugs or non-availability with this economical drug.

With no problem of water solubility Mycosal is very convenient to use in poultry drinking systems having bell and nipple shapes. This is because the component drugs are incorporated in specially developed forms, making the powder form of Mycosal much better than the liquid drugs.

Some Unique Benefits Of Mycosal :
  • No resistance: Different sites of action of the combined drugs
  • Fast action: Blood peak is reached in half an hour’s time by Enrofloxacin and Zinc
  • Prolonged action: More than 26 hours elimination half-life of Pefloxacin and ZINC on repeated administration
  • Highest safety rate: Suitable for all pregnant and lactating mammals
  • Withdrawal period: Least (only 3-5 days)
  • Very cost-effective