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Mycosal WS & FS

Our Mycosal WS & FS is a popular veterinary drug which is mainly used for poultry layer. We offer the drug at an affordable market price. Our Mycosal WS & FS veterinary drug is supplied to all SAARC countries to fulfill the requirement of clients.

Concept and Uses
  • With Mycosal combination, resistance is almost nil, which is in contrast to Lincomycin, Tiamulin or Tylosin, that develop resistance quickly.
  • The combination works for CRD as well as the complications (megaspectrum)
  • With Mycosal the lifetime cost becomes cheaper by 50-60%.
Indications & Dosage: (For CCRD Prevention)
  • Use Mycosal WS in water throughout the birds life as per the Mycosal CRD prevention schedule chart.
  • OR Use Mycosal WS in water till the pre-breeder starts or in layer mash and use Mycosal FS in feed later on.
  • Mycosal WS :
    • 100 gm
  • Mycosal FS :
    • 500 gm
    • 5 kg
    • 25 kg


Type Mycosal Ws Mycosal Fs
Zinc Drug 1% 0.25 %
Pefloxacin MSD 30 % 7.5%
Enrofloxacin 10% 2.5 %