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Mycosal Gel & Powder

We offer high quality and effective Mycosal Gel & Powder which is extremely useful in different problems of fishes. Our Mycosal Gel & Powder is highly demanded as it has no resistance and residues.

Appreciated For
  • Dealing with various pathogenic organisms causing :
    • Red Spot
    • Tail Rot
    • Muscle Necrosis
    • White Spot (Vibrio)
    • Bacterial Septicaemia
    • Shell (blackspot) disease
    • Filamentous Bacterial Disease, etc.
  • Safe usage before harvest with no fear of residues
  • Being useful in prolonged preventive treatment with no fear of resistance
  • Being in gel form without the need for any binder
Dosage (Prawns / Scampi- Through Feed)
  • Disease Control : 10 gm / kg of feed for 5-7 days in all portions of daily feed; up to 20 gm in severe cases.
  • Prevention : 5 gm / kg feed (in maximum consuming portion of daily feed) daily from 1 gm weight/starting of no.3 feed.
Presentation (Gel)
  • 250 gm
  • 1 kg